What Exactly Is Peter’s Master Plan On ‘Teen Wolf’?

After Meredith outed Peter as The “Teen Wolf” Benefactor and explained that he’d dictated the dead pool’s many entries, Peter claimed he couldn’t be held responsible for what thoughts he imparted on the banshee while he was fever-dreaming in the hospital. But after last night’s episode, it seems his unconscious thoughts might actually be rooted in reality.

Peter, who’s already admitted to wanting True Alpha Wolf Scott McCall dead, upped the ante on his bloodlust at Beacon Hills High School’s latest lacrosse game. While perched in the stands, Peter told his daughter Malia that he’d discovered the identity of her mother — otherwise known as “The Desert Wolf” — and that he’d give her the information under one condition: that she’d kill Kate Argent. Whaaaa?

Though Peter and Kate were once avowed enemies, we’re scratching our heads at his latest scheme for a number of reasons. First, Peter already committed to helping Kate sort through her early transformations into a werecoyote, and that would be a needless act of kindness if his plan was to off her all along. Secondly, Peter and Kate are in cahoots to wipe Scott off the face of the earth, a task Kate is inching closer to completing in Mexico. So wouldn’t he need her to get the job done?

Source: mtv.com

Just watched ep 11. w.t.f is all i can say coz it was such a shitty ep of a shitty season
Wtf was up with Lydia's scream at the start of the ep
Wtf was up with Kira being hurt when she can heal
Wtf was up with Chris still being able to bend the bar
Is Parrish able to heal peeps now or...just super strength?