I Spy? Mariah Carey Sent Assistants To Watch Over Nick Cannon Amid Cheating Rumors, Source Claims

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon‘s marriage crumbled as Carey’s insecurity mounted, multiple sources tell RadarOnline.com. Now, new information has emerged about just how little trust remained in their relationship during its final days: According to a source, the singer went so far as to send her assistants to spy on Cannon when he was away from home!

Even though Mariah and Nick had already separated, “She would send her assistants to spy on him during tapings of America’s Got Talent in New York City,” a source said. In addition, according to the source, “Nick’s phone would blow up from Mariah texting and calling, and he would turn it off. He was tremendously embarrassed by it.”

“Nick told friends that Mariah would get angry when he wouldn’t return calls, and sent assistants to see what he was doing,” the source claimed. “He was tired of having to answer to Mariah all the time. It was just sad to see, because Nick always used to brag about how amazing his wife was to everyone on the set.”

According to a new report from Us Weekly, Cannon’s priorities have changed and the dissolution of their picture perfect marriage is more than Carey can take. “She stays up all night, looking at every frame of herself in every photo and dissecting it to death,” a source told the magazine, claiming Carey will “sometimes stay up until 7 a.m. drinking prosecco.” But an insider told Radar, “The only reason Nick is communicating at all with Mariah is because of the twins, Moroccan and Monroe, 3. He plans to remain a large part of their lives. It drives Mariah nuts that she can no longer control Nick, and she knows the only way to get to him is with the kids. It’s really taking a toll on Nick.”