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Britney is coming to Europe y'all


to launch her new lingerie line "The Intimate by Britney Spears" with personal appearances throughout the continent!

First she'll be in London on the 23rd of September:
"International pop icon Britney Spears has announced her line of sleepwear apparel, The Intimate Britney Spears, with retail partner CHANGE Lingerie, a leading company in lingerie with over 180 stores worldwide. The collection will launch September 23rd at an event in London, with an appearance by Britney, and be available exclusively on ASOS.com for one month and www.intimatebritneyspears.com beginning October 23rd."

And in Copenhagen, Denmark on the 25th! Here's the press release of the event...


Enjoy an unforgettable evening and a magnificent show of The Intimate Britney Spears opens its doors to the Forum!
Christiane Schaumburg-Müller O'Connor as hostess for the evening will guide you through Britney Spears' new lingerie and loungewear universe, the big fashion show, concerts and great competitions and interviewing Britney Spears on stage.

Denmark's largest big screen and the longest catwalk will set the stage for the magnificent lingerie show and perfomances by:

Joey Moe
Joey Moe was discovered at age 17 and has since delivered more hits for the Danish dance floor. In 2009, Joey Moe platinum single "Yo-Yo", which has sold more than 40,000 copies.

Ida Corr
In 2005, debuting with his first solo album Street Diva. In 2007 she received an international club hit with the single "Let Me Think About It", which was remixed by house DJ Fedde le Grand and entered at # 1 on the dance charts in the UK and USA. Ida Corr has also appeared as a judge in X Factor DR1.

Special surprice perfomance
We can not reveal who - but we promise you that he will add excitement! He is one of the most current artists we have right now and he can charm women of all ages.

All participants receive an exclusive Goodiebag with a value of over 400 kr., Participating in the great competitions:
- Win a meeting with Britney Spears and all the other stars backstage at night.
- Win a trip for 2 to Las Vegas and tickets to Britney Spears' "A piece of me" show.
- Others

CHANGE coaches from across the country
CHANGE Lingerie sponsors and hosts The Intimate Britney Spears LAUNCH SHOW and arrange transportation from across the country at an affordable price.
Catch the bus from Aalborg, Aarhus, Fredericia, Kolding, Odense or Ringsted. You are safely carried out and home, and is provided to you are promoting in Copenhagen on time.
See departures, pick up points and buy your bus ticket in step 3 when you booked your ticket.

The Intimate Britney Spears - unforgettable and unique opportunity.

And I read this in a paper:
Scandinavia's largest lingerie group, Danish CHANGE with over 180 stores worldwide, starting a new lingerie firm up in collaboration with none other than world star Britney Spears. The new brand, which Spears is both co-owner and co-developer of, called The Intimate Britney Spears.

About Spears' collection
- The collection is romantic vintage. It consists of briefs, vintage-inspired bras, kimonos and relaxed jersey sleepwear.
- The target audience is primarily 20-35 year old women.
- The prices range from about 150-700 Danish kroner
- The show at the Forum is open to all. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket booth.

The launch will take place for a big fashion show in Forum September 25, when the American pop star herself will be present. The audience should not expect to see Britney on cat walken wearing his own romantic lingerie collection, but she will give a longer interview on stage, says Founder and Director of CHANGE Claus Walther Jensen Metro.

He has great expectations for the piquant clothes. CHANGE has shot a larger two-digit millionløb in the project, and the expectation is that the investment will quickly pay for themselves, he says.

Britney Spears must not only act as an eye-catcher for CHANGE, which has signed a 20-year contract with Britney. She is involved in the entire process from the process from idea to finished product, says Claus Walther Jensen.

- It is a serious and long-term cooperation for both parties She shows us, for example, pictures of styles, she is inspired by or a specific lace or a cut. It incorporate we saw in the first line drawings, and we will send samples to Britney, which she sends back with corrections.

S1: http://edgepublicity.co.uk/press_release/britney-spears-announces-the-intimate-britney-spears-collection/
S2: https://www.billetlugen.dk/direct/?token=ZBixHRJxbOfUO1BCShmgiZrfaZt7Gp8JXq657Tu2wv2YmN%2beWbKTKbcDUpjKKSSE4%2bdBzbM655liSV52B3pEFwWIDgK8mUV7bUZ64zFXadzJzcE3Eu2tPQ%3d%3d
S3: http://britney-galaxy.com/universe/topic/7799-big-britney-event-in-denmark-shes-coming/

Not the lingerie line getting more promo than Britney Jean!
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