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Seth Rogen speaks out about Hacking Games '14 and isn't a douche.

Over the course of the day we have been seeing a lot of hacked pictures of naked celebrities being leaked online and, while there are a lot of people who cannot get enough of looking at these personal, private and intimate pictures, spare a thought for those who have had their privacy outrageously violated by this hacker, this is their private life after all.

There are certain things that come hand in hand with becoming a global superstar but one of them is not having your phone hacked and your intimate pictures leaked online. There are a whole host of stars who have had naked pictures leaked online, as well at there apparently being some Jennifer Lawrence sex tapes supposedly on the way, as well as Kate Upton sex tapes.

Now, Hollywood actor Seth Rogen has urged people who have seen the picture and videos not to post them online. Rogen took to his official Twitter account to tell his fans and followers, "Posting pics hacked from someone's cell phone is really no different than selling stolen merchandise. I obviously am not comparing women to merchandise. Just legally speaking, it shouldn't be tolerated to repost stolen pics."

Since these nude celebrity pictures leaked online, some of the victims have come out to insist that they are not them or that they are fake, while others have confirmed that their phone was hacked on the stolen pictures are genuine. The authorities have been informed by a number of these stars, who are looking to get anybody who has used these pictures online to be seriously punished.

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