‘Mistresses’ season 2 finale: Weighing potential season 3 renewal odds

Monday night marks the end of “Mistresses” season 2, but could it also mean the end of the ABC series altogether? That is something that we are here right now to try and figure out a little bit better.

Let’s start with the good news: In the 18-49 demographic that matters the most, the show has typically posted somewhere between a 0.9 and a 1.1 rating. This is not that much of a drop at all from the first season, even if that go-around did have some higher highs, including one episode that delivered a stunning 1.4. This past episode drew just a 0.9, but you could blame competition from the Emmys justifiably for that. For the finale, we do feel like it needs to rise, but even a 1.0 would be fairly nice here.

One other thing the show has going for it? ABC has had a pretty terrible summer. “Mistresses” had fared better than some of their Canadian imports, but it better since they are fronting more cost here. It has also done better than the flop known as “Rising Star” and the creative hit but commercial disappointment “The Quest.” There may not be many better options than renewing it, just because it keeps the devoted following pretty happy.

Do we feel the show will probably max out at three or four seasons if the numbers don’t improve? Probably, but that’s the bad news for now. The numbers are not good enough to combat inevitable rising costs that come every season. However, if things stay at this level for the finale, you may get to see Alyssa Milano and company at least one more time next summer.