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Britney acknowledges that ex-boyfriend cheated on her, calls him out on stage


Britney Spears took a rare moment out of her Las Vegas Piece Of Me show Sunday night to address her recent split from boyfriend David Lucado.

Thousands of lusty boos (the encouraging kind, if that’s possible) rained down from the 5,000 attendees at Planet Hollywood’s Axis Theater. Britney’s fans were eager to show her they had her back over Lucado’s alleged infidelity.

“But the best part of breaking up,” the singer continued as she leaped forward toward the front of the stage, “is going on first dates. OMG, OMG, I need a hot guy. Where are the hot guys here tonight?”

The lusty boos rapidly turned to outright lust as the crowd rapidly sensed an unusual opportunity for participation in the tightly choreographed, highly produced show.

The pop princess stuck out her hand and singled out a lone individual in the crowd, whom her backup dancers rapidly scooped up and pulled onstage.

The onstage moment, however brief and amusing, was the first time Spears has directly acknowledged rumors that former boyfriend Lucado was unfaithful to her. Although she’s made oblique references on social media to “the single life” and “having a sh–tty day,” hearing her say the words so plainly in front of thousands of fans was both unexpected and heartwarming. Not surprisingly, Britney’s fans are firmly on her side.

Sunday night’s show was otherwise uneventful. She made no other off-the-cuff or personal remarks from the stage. Her family, or any other celebrities who may have been in the house, were not verbally acknowledged. She simply hopped, skipped and jumped her way through more than 20 fan-favorite songs spanning her entire career, all the way from “Baby” to “Alien” amid the cheers of the assembled as she does every night she performs.

S1: http://instagram.com/p/sZwe7MtMIx/?utm_source=partner&%3Butm_medium=embed&%3Butm_campaign=video&%3Bmodal=true
S2: http://instagram.com/p/sZIW0JQ-uf/?modal=true
S3: http://www.mtv.com/news/1917280/britney-spears-las-vegas-perez-hilton/

That Britney shameless!
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