Matthew McCona-slay prepares to steal yet another Oscar from Leo

Matthew McConaughey has long been known as a heartthrob, his devilish good looks making him the object of desire for women all over the world.

But the Oscar-winner appears to be rocking rather a different look on the set of his new film, Sea Of Trees, seen shooting scenes in a suburban backyard in Worcester, Massachusetts on Friday.

Dressed down in a monotone ensemble, the 44-year-old was sporting a pair of brown ombre-effect glasses and mousey brown unkempt hair, a slight five o'clock shadow visible on his face, as he pushed along an old lawn mower.

The father-of-three was looking far from his usual movie-star self to shoot the Gus Van Sant flick, which centres on an American man (McConaughey) who travels to the Aokigahara forest, otherwise known as 'Suicide Forest', at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan, where he plans to end his life.

However, he encounters a Japanese man there (played by Ken Watanabe) with the same intention and the two men bond as they undertake a journey of survival and self-reflection.

Naomi Watts stars as Matthew's character Arthur Brennan's wife, Joan, in the film, which is slated for release next year.

Indeed, the actor certainly looked like a man on the brink, his overall demeanour crestfallen and lacking of any motivation or inspiration.

He was clad in navy blue pants, a charcoal lightweight sweater and grey sneakers for the scene, in which he diligently mowed the expansive lawn, looking none too impressed at having to perform the menial task. However, taking a seat between takes, Matthew's sparkle came out as he chatted animatedly with the crew.

The charismatic star positively lit up from within as he sat, legs crossed, nibbling on some healthy seeds and nuts as he held court with the production team, who happily laughed along with him.

If he is at all disappointed at not picking up the Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series Emmy for his acclaimed HBO show True Detective during Monday night's awards ceremony, he certainly didn't show it.

On Wednesday, it was back to business as usual as he threw himself into his latest project, seen filming alongside Naomi in a local park.


serving some vague '95 Rust Cohle teas tbh

also before anyone asks no I'm not bitter about the Emmys, just mad @ HBO's greed and am just thankful that Cary (deservedly) won