Keri Hilson has a message for chicks creeping in her man's DMs

It’s hard out here in these social media streets when your man is not only finer than frog’s hair but also has tons of money. In fact, while you’re reading this, thirsty women from all over the world are currently flooding the message boxes of taken guys with nudes in hopes of being chosen as a side chick. It’s a struggle that Keri Hilson knows all about, but is way too secure in her relationship to be concerned over.

The singer, who’s currently dating basketball player Serge Ibaka, sent out a warning message to chicks trying to DM their way into her baller’s pants. And she got them right together:

"Why do girls think it’s cute to vie for the attention of a taken man?

Why don’t they feel hoe-ish? When did this become acceptable? Did ALL the rules go out the window w/ social media? Don’t we have more respect for OURSELVES, if not for other women? And relationships?

Meanwhile, that man AND his girlfriend are laughing at your thirsty ass–together. That’s what you need to know. Have a little self-respect.


have you ever been a side chick/side dude ontd?