Shay Mitchell Covers The First 'Nylon Espanol' Issue!

The 27-year-old actress opened up about rejection, saying no to things and PLL. Check it:

On rejection: “I was working at a restaurant before I was offered the opportunity to work in this, and if I had given up the first time I was rejected I would not be here. That’s why I believe everybody can reach their dreams, they just have to fight and believe in themselves.”

On passing on things: “I believe it’s important to grab and work with what you can sustain, there are times when you have to say no. It’s something I’ve learned, although in the beginning I would have said yes to all the work coming my way and in the end I would have been exhausted and this would not have been good for anyone. I think it all falls down to saying no sometimes, and knowing when to take the opportunity at the right time.”

On PLL: “Our fans are the best, they have been supporting us since the beginning and that’s why our show has been such a success since the beginning and we will be filming for two more years.”

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