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Legend of Korra Book 4 ROUGH Release Date Period?

The Legend of Korra fans will be pleased to hear the show’s final season is only a few months away with a Nickelodeon representative telling IGN Book 4 will premiere in Australia in January/February 2015.

Nickelodeon also said Season 3 of the show, titled ‘Book Three: Change’, will premiere sometime in October.

Both seasons will screen on Nickelodeon but will also be made available in full on day one through Foxtel Go and Anytime services, with iTunes following shortly after.

Nickelodeon Australia’s decision to distribute the show through multiple platforms is similar to how the latter half of the show’s third season was distributed in the US via Amazon, Xbox Video, Hulu, Google Play and Nickelodeon’s own on-site streaming service, after the show was abruptly taken off-air mid-season.


So if they, Australia, get book 4 in Winter 2015...US Audiences can expect it a little earlier. But when?
Tags: avatar the last airbender / korra (nick)
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