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Ariana Venti & Little Sean news - "Curiousity man, It'll Kill You"

Ariana Grande Finally Breaks Silence On Big Sean Romance

Well, this hot new couple seems happier than ever since they were spotted kissing on a movie date on Aug. 3 and their hand holding at the VMAs. Ariana finally opened up about her relationship with Big Sean, even if she did play coy about it.

“I mean, I guess, curiosity man, it’ll kill you,” Ariana told Ryan Seacrest on his radio show on Aug. 27. “I don’t know what to say, Ryan. Why are you doing this me?” Later, she said, “I’ll tell you when we’re not on the air. I trust you. I’ve known you a long time. I don’t know about these millions of people listening in right now.”

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hmmT..idk i feel like this relationship may be true because they were caught off guard at the VMA's but...idk ya'll it also screams PR for some reason
Either way..

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