Madonna Revamps Her Website In Preparation For A New Album?

For the past few months, we’ve been hearing about all of the work that Madonna has been doing in the recording studio with various songwriters and producers. Altho we have yet to hear official confirmation that Madonna is nearing completion of her project, it seems more and more likely that she is getting ready to announce … something. Yesterday, Madonna‘s official website was updated with new images and a new logo that seems to suggest that a new era of music is close at hand.
At this point, the biggest change to Madonna‘s site is this new logo. If I remember correctly, the last time Madonna released a new album, she started making small changes to her official website shortly before the official announcement was made. Now, I could be jumping the gun here but I’ve been hoping that Madonna is planning to drop her new album before the year is over. We shall see. For now, we ponder what that backwards N in her new logo means. HMMM