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And here come the crack babies!

Everyone's favorite junkie couple may be procreating if Kate Moss has anything to say about it.

According to the Sunday Mirror (that oh-so-credible news source) Kate Moss is desperate to have Pete Doherty's baby. She wants Lila (you know, the daughter who she never seems to spent anytime with) to have a brother or sister. What does this mean for Pete's fans? Well according to Kate he'll have to stop touring, so you might want to sort out that refund.

"SUPERMODEL Kate Moss is trying for a baby with her junkie lover Pete Doherty - after ordering the singer to quit his UK tour."

She demanded the recovering heroin addict suspend all gigs with his band Baby-shambles after hearing he had spent up to £500 A DAY on crack and marijuana during the last week of the tour.

Now she wants to take Potty Pete to Jamaica to get married and continue his rehabilitation - away from the druggie lifestyle and the rock 'n' roll hangers-on who follow him everywhere.

Kate told a pal: "I love him and know that for all his faults, I will spend the rest of my life with him...and I want Lila to have a brother or a sister. But Pete has to stay off the drugs. And the only way for that to happen is if he's with me all the time."

Her friend explained: "Kate has never felt so confident or sorted in her career. Ironically she's become more of an icon than ever since she fought her own drugs battle and she feels ready for another child.

"She doesn't want the age gap between Lila and her sister or brother to be too great. But she's a bright woman and she wants Pete to be clean - she knows she can't have a baby while he's still into crack. That's why she is so determined he should ditch the tour."

Kate, 32, has told close pals she and Doherty, 27, have already started trying for a baby and the wedding is imminent.

The pal added: "They don't want a big, fancy wedding. Both of them just want to run away somewhere no one will find them - that's why Kate thinks Jamaica will be perfect.

"She knows he is a rough diamond, but she's determined to build her life with him."

Doherty already has a son, Estile, with punk singer Lisa Moorish, 33. Kate's daughter Lila turned four last month. Yesterday the couple were at Kate's country home in the Cotswolds where they were joined by her close friend, fashion designer Sadie Frost.

Baby-shambles yesterday officially cancelled the last five dates of their British tour after Doherty failed to turn up for a concert in Liverpool on Friday.

An official note posted at the Carling Academy venue blamed "artist's exhaustion" for the cancellation with just two hours' notice. Pete's new record company EMI were forced to admit: "Baby-shambles have made the decision to postpone the remaining five dates of their UK tour. It has become clear that Peter embarked on the arduous and high-profile tour too soon after his discharge and still needs time to recover from his extensive rehab treatment."

When he left The Priory on September 25, the future looked good for the pair. Writing on a blogging website, he said: "Things are most certainly taking a turn for the... well, better? Compared to last tours' absolute carnage and freefall oblivion the first of the pipeless frog gigs (meaning without crack cocaine) and I can actually remember it."

But in a later posting he admitted he was only staying off drugs because of Kate's presence. "No palming stones off scallies in alleys, not with the missus here anyway," he wrote.

Although the former Libertines frontman cannot take heroin because of an implant, insiders say he has been spending a fortune on crack cocaine and marijuana during the last seven days of the tour.

Kate, who had spent two days with him in Ireland straight after he left rehab, discovered he was taking drugs again when she learned he had been seen buying drug-taking gear at a chemist in Ireland.

A friend of Kate's revealed: "Pete deliberately didn't take drugs in front of Kate when she was with him in Ireland. He promised her he wasn't taking anything and she was so proud of him. But the night before she left, Pete told Kate he had to nip away from her to make a phone call. Instead he nipped to the local chemist for some syringes.

"It wasn't until Kate arrived back in London that she found out. She was screaming at him down the phone, calling him all sorts.

"One of his bandmates heard her scream at him: 'You're so f***ing stupid. I thought we were working through this but you're not going to change. If you don't sort yourself out everything's off.'"

However, when Baby-shambles played a concert last Thursday at Brixton Academy, the pair appeared to have patched things up. The band were on exceptional form that night, Pete and Kate sang a duet together on stage and even smiled at photographers as they left the South London venue. But at 3am on Friday, Kate threw Doherty out of her home following a bitter bust-up about his drug-taking. He was seen staggering around the streets, without shoes or socks and went to his literary agent Paul Roundhill's East End flat, where he recorded a version of a love song he had written about Kate while in rehab.

The song, 1440 The Hospital One, begins: "We've got forever but you know that's not much time." A video of him singing it was posted on the web and Doherty appears without a shirt, back to his dishevelled worst.

But just three hours later, Kate picked the singer up and issued her "band-or-me" ultimatum. The source said: "That was the moment Kate won. Pete accepted the only way to save their romance was to call off the tour.

"There's no way Kate will put up with Pete lying to her. She is madly in love with him but, at the same time, she is no fool. When they aren't together Kate phones Pete about 20 times a day - because she is besotted. But she's also determined to hold on to the love of her life and she wants his baby now. That is the stick she has used to persuade him to come off tour."

Kate and Doherty now plan to fly to Jamaica. Bizarrely, Doherty had suggested the Himalayas, but Kate believes Jamaica is the perfect place for him to recuperate under her watchful eye. It will also be a picturesque location for a wedding.

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