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To follow up on the outraged fan story - Mimi, a tale of two scales

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Earlier today, a randomly selected number of Mariah fans were invited to attend a special pre-concert taping at the Honda Center (formerly known as the Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim) in Anaheim, California. MC performed a medley of songs for the intimate crowd. It appears that the purpose of this event was to include fans, regulate the lighting, and review other technical aspects in preparation for tonight's actual concert taping. It is believed that tonight's concert as well as the fans' involvement will be included in a CD/DVD release.

--An estimated 1,500 fans were in attendance. A large portion of the pre-concert taping was capturing audience reactions for later footage. Mariah called for the crowd to "get creative."

--MC explained that she would be lip-synching and performed "It's Like That," "Heartbreaker," and "Dreamlover." Mariah helped direct certain shots while insisting, "I'm not trying to be a diva!"

--The afternoon was very informal with breaks between performances. MC frequently communicated with director/friend Sanaa Hamri ("U Make Me Wanna," "Bringin' on the Heartbreak," etc.) and did re-shoots to "capture the moments."

--Bill, "the camera guy" (as Mariah affectionately called him), recorded and interviewed fans following the pre-concert taping.

--Tonight's taping is expected to be released as a CD/DVD compilation possibly in time for the holidays.


god mimi, i wish i could quit u :'[
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