Tamar Braxton Reignites Feud with K. Michelle & Fails Miserably!

Chile Tamar Braxton knows she is just as petty as she wants to be. Just recently, Tamar tweeted “Who’s signed to Atomfactory”. This was a slight dig at K. Michelle because Atomfactory Is where K.Michelle is signed for management.  The Gag is, Atomfactory is owned by once of Vince’s business partners named Troy. Troy is a executive producer on Braxton Family Values and The Tamar & Vince show. It gets better… Troy also helped manage Lady Gaga in conjunction with Vince. With that, I’m surprised Tamar even tweeted what she did, because the implication is that Atomfactory is some little no named, rinky dink,  bubble gum management team.  If Troy is part of the family perse’, why would Tamar even go there? These old hoes ain’t loyal.

Well, Tamar wanted to use the family card to her advantage when she gave K. Michelle’s management a phone call and tried to convince them not to work with her.  Word on the curb is that Tamar went al in and was doing her best to get Atomfactory / Troy to change their mind about handling K. Michelle. How petty right? Oh baby, but there is more.

Tamar allegedly fired on of her band members because they posted K. Michelle as their Woman Crush Wednesday #WCW on social media.
How petty? Just as long as buddy plays the hell out of his instrument while on the clock, Tamar needs not be worried about anything else. Who he crushes on in his private life, on his private time should not spill over into his work relationship with Tamar.  Told y’all she was real petty like. Ohhh baby, but there is more.

Remember the Soul Train Music Awards? Well, K. Michelle had to have Tamar & Vince escorted out of the theater during her practice time. That’s right. Tamar & Vince decided it would be cute to take a seat front and center while K.Michelle was rehearsing. K. wasn’t having it. She let the powers that be know that she would not take the stage until they were gone, and subsequently Tamar & Vince were escorted out. So petty. I’m guessing Tamar & Vince were trying to intimidate K., or through her off her game. If you don’t like someone, why would you want to sit up in his or her practice?

So what is Tamar’s real issue with K, Michelle? This issue began with all that Toya/ Memphis/ Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stuff, but has quickly become about something much deeper. I think the real issue is that Tamar is slightly Jealous of the fact that K. Michelle is able to appeal to younger audiences and get booked for events such as Summer Jam, etc. Tamar on the other hand is kind of stuck on the Urban AC charts alongside the R&B Divas of LA. Perhaps Tamar can do a duet with Chante Moore? That would be pretty age appropriate. Unfortunately for Tamar, the days where she could have dropped it like it was hot and wore her pum pum shorts at Summer Jam were long gone before Vince decided to give her a career in exchange for a baby.

All this goes to show, money & fame doesn’t buy happiness, or edges for that matter. Oh well, I hope Tamar finds comfort with her age and the demographic of people that her music touches. She’s an extremely talented artist with things to sing about that grown folks want to hear. I think it’s time to let all this subtweeting and going back & forth with K. Michelle go. If Tamar is the best, like she claims she is, then perhaps she should start acting like it, and stop acting so damn petty!

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