Poster/Trailer for EXISTS, another Bigfoot found footage horror film

Though recent years have seen an increase in Sasquatch scares, we’ve been patiently awaiting this one in particular. From Eduardo Sanchez, co-creator of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, 2011’s undervalued LOVELY MOLLY and clever V/H/S/2 zombie segment “A Ride in the Park,” EXISTS is a faux doc fright featuring one of the most mythical monsters of all, Bigfoot.

Out this fall from Lionsgate, EXISTS sees five friends set out for “a weekend of camping in the Texas Big Thicket. But visions of a carefree vacation are shattered with an accident on a dark and desolate country road. In the wake of the accident, a bloodcurdling force of nature is unleashed—something not exactly human, but not completely animal— an urban legend come to terrifying life…and seeking murderous revenge.”

EXISTS has been patiently awaiting release for some time, during which Sanchez has made clear his passion for the creature and this story. That’s not to mention I’ve heard the monster itself is rad.

EXISTS is out October 24th in theaters and on iTunes.


Thoughts on what is probably the 9,426th "found footage" horror film? This is also the SECOND found footage Bigfoot movie we've gotten this year. The first was Willow Creek, which sucked ass and didn't show Bigfoot at all.