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Long, Boring Interview With J. Timberlake

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Brendaninmusic: hey there Justin. what's up??
JustinsLoveSound: hey what's happening?
Brendaninmusic: not too much. thanks for chatting today!
Brendaninmusic: where are you IMing us from??
JustinsLoveSound: backstage at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Brendaninmusic: nice
Brendaninmusic: any other fun people back there with you?
JustinsLoveSound: well there's Jo...
JustinsLoveSound: as in Jo Momma
Brendaninmusic: hahaha
Brendaninmusic: i was askin for that one ;)

Brendaninmusic: are you in crazy schedule mode with the album release?
JustinsLoveSound: say the least
Brendaninmusic: what have you been doin???
JustinsLoveSound: promo, promo, sleep, promo
Brendaninmusic: ooh you actually get to sleep in there? sweet! haha
Brendaninmusic: i have to ask though
Brendaninmusic: how sick are you of being asked how you're bringing sexy back, and where sexy went??
JustinsLoveSound: SOOOOOO sick of it!
Brendaninmusic: hahaha i can imagine!
JustinsLoveSound: everybody is a comedian
Brendaninmusic: everyone seems to be jumping on the "bringing sexy back" bandwagon
Brendaninmusic: AL GORE quoted you at the VMAs? is it all a little crazy for you?
JustinsLoveSound: to be honest i didn't expect it to be such a big catch phrase
Brendaninmusic: my mom keeps asking me if i brought sexy back... its a little disturbing
JustinsLoveSound: sorry buddy about your mom
Brendaninmusic: hahha. it's all good ;)
Brendaninmusic: who is the weirdest person you've heard use it?

JustinsLoveSound: i don't know about weird, but i certainly didn't expect our former Vice President to use it.
Brendaninmusic: i don't really think anyone did. lol
Brendaninmusic: 'Sexyback' is such a different sound for you
Brendaninmusic: on first listen you almost can't recognize it's YOU
Brendaninmusic: what brought you to change your sound so much
JustinsLoveSound: it wasn't really a conscious effort, i just like the way it sounded when i put my voice through a guitar amp.
JustinsLoveSound: i thought it fit the track.
Brendaninmusic: did you ever freak out that it wasn't going to click with your fans?
JustinsLoveSound: i don't think you can be in the studio and say that to yourself. you might syke yourself out of something amazing.
JustinsLoveSound: i think that being an artist you try new things and i think at the end of the day if you love it then that's what is most important.
Brendaninmusic: well it looks like your intuition was right
JustinsLoveSound: thanks
Brendaninmusic: did you feel a lot of pressure after the monstrous success of 'Justified'?
JustinsLoveSound: i wanted to make something that was different from Justified... so i tried to keep my mind off of that even though i love the sound of that album.
Brendaninmusic: The sound is definitely unique... you worked it pretty well
Brendaninmusic: the album is called 'Furturesex/Lovesounds,' also a song on the album
Brendaninmusic: what exactly does that mean?
JustinsLoveSound: it's just kind of a culmination of songs' moods on the record.
JustinsLoveSound: i thought that it best described the overall sound

JustinsLoveSound: it's funny too, the first half is the future/sex mood...and the second half is the love/sounds.
Brendaninmusic: so the first half is the one you play late at night, eh?
Brendaninmusic: ;)
JustinsLoveSound: the first half is the club...the second half is the "aftermath."
Brendaninmusic: what is YOUR love sound?
Brendaninmusic: at this point, i think mine would probably sound like a dying giraffe J
JustinsLoveSound: you might want to keep that to yourself...ha ha
Brendaninmusic: advice from the master ;)
Brendaninmusic: you were just on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine with the headline 'Wet Dream -- The New King of Sex Gets Loose'
Brendaninmusic: do you think you deserve that title?
JustinsLoveSound: um...i don't make up the titles
JustinsLoveSound: i write the songs
Brendaninmusic: do you think of yourself as a sex symbol?
JustinsLoveSound: not exactly

Brendaninmusic: how would you classify Justin Timberlake?
JustinsLoveSound: a damn lucky guy
Brendaninmusic: hahah
Brendaninmusic: i don't think anyone would argue that one!
Brendaninmusic: you worked with a lot of big name producers on this CD
Brendaninmusic: how did your vision for the album flow with them
JustinsLoveSound: well i really found the chemistry with Timbaland
JustinsLoveSound: We went into the studio with nothing in mind and came up with songs that all sounded cohesive.
Brendaninmusic: you two definitely worked some magic... word was that you guys did a song with Nelly Furtado but that didn't seem to surface. True story?
JustinsLoveSound: true story
Brendaninmusic: will that song ever see the light of day?
JustinsLoveSound: probably
JustinsLoveSound: most likely
JustinsLoveSound: we will have to see

Brendaninmusic: are there any other artists you'd like to do something with?
JustinsLoveSound: i don't know...i don't like to force collaborations.
Brendaninmusic: out of all that you've done, who do you think vibed the best with you?
JustinsLoveSound: definitely Timbaland
Brendaninmusic: nice
Brendaninmusic: the guitar interlude after 'Love Stoned' is sick
JustinsLoveSound: thanks
Brendaninmusic: I read that it was inspired by the band Interpol
Brendaninmusic: what other music are you listening to these days?
JustinsLoveSound: i listen to everything. i'm really loving the last Arctic Monkey's album.
But lately i've been going back and listening to a lot of Johnny Cash
Brendaninmusic: nice
Brendaninmusic: so you're the kinda guy who is no stranger to the tabloids
Brendaninmusic: all of your relationships tend to be very public
Brendaninmusic: what's it like to be so out there in front of everybody?
JustinsLoveSound: the tabloids, although they may seem like they are fun to read to a lot of people, are sensationalized dramatizations. they aren't real.
JustinsLoveSound: so, i choose to stay out of them, not read them, and to continue to live my life.
Brendaninmusic: do you feel that you've been able to maintain your own personal life well enough even with people trying to creep in?
JustinsLoveSound: of course.
JustinsLoveSound: hey man, Leno is calling.
Brendaninmusic: well speaking of personal life, i know you have a lot goin' on, but thanks for spending time with us today!
JustinsLoveSound: thanks for chatting
Brendaninmusic: thanks to you!
JustinsLoveSound: take care!
Brendaninmusic: bye :)
I was expecing justin to look like an ass, but the interviewer was more of a douche than JT this time

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