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Cody Simpson Won't Be Texting 143 to Alantic Records Anymore!

Cody Simpson perpetually has a smile on his face, but he's been hiding some major feelings about the people involved in his music career! Cody announced on Twitter today that he was "finally free" and working on his "first true solo album."

Although he has since deleted the tweet, it definitely sounds like he was frustrated with his record label, Atlantic Records, for trying to turn him into just another pop star.

We've always loved his stripped-down acoustic songs, but we're guessing this means he didn't enjoy his tracks like "Surfboard" — the dancey track definitely sounds like the kind of "beats" he's referring to.

While we're proud of Cody for following his heart, we're definitely curious about what's next for the singer. Since he's been collaborating with Justin Bieber, we might get an entirely new sound! Cody says that he is super-excited to share his new music with us, and we're ready to hear it.

What do you think about Cody's decision? Are you excited to hear his new music?

Tags: australian celebrities
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