O-Town mark comeback with first album in over 10 years

Forget “Skydive.” As much as that song helped O-Town announce to the world that they were back, “Chasin’ After You” marks the boy band’s definitive opening statement. Many have hastily noted O-Town as the “poor man’s BSB,” and while ‘Lines & Circles’ does spend its time primarily in the presence of ballads such as the album’s title track, it is ultimately a singular, unique piece of work that earns the listener’s patience and rewards that in spades.

“Chasin’ After You” is by far the most upbeat song on the album, but as the rest of the album plays, any worries can be erased. The album is full of solid, easily identifiable hooks, and the instrumentation never attempts to threaten to distract from O-Town’s vocal performances.

“Rewind” forges its own identity. “When love was a drug and we couldn’t get enough of each other / Baby, every night / You and I,” the boys sing during the chorus. ” Stop / Rewind / Pause / Why / Live in this moment of time / Stimulate body and mind,” Trevor raps. It’s an aggressive track that provides a fascinating amount of bite.

For the majority of ‘Lines & Circles,’ O-Town makes good on their comeback. Because while ballad-focused albums can oftentimes be a drag, these four guys devotion to their craft, and the honesty that’s poured out in these recordings, is enough to know that this is one solid piece of work – so solid that for a split second, you forget Ashley Parker Angel was even a part of the band in the first place – no disrespect! It’s just that good. This is definitely an album you will want to listen to…and tell all your friends about.