'Is There Ever a Perfect Time?' - LeAnne Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Decide to Stop Using Birth Control

LeAnn Rimes ditched her birth control as she was told on her reality show on Thursday night that she could not afford to wait much longer to try for a baby.

The singer underwent fertility testing on the latest episode of LeAnn & Eddie on VH1 to make sure she is able to conceive with husband Eddie Cibrian.

Rimes consulted a doctor in Los Angeles after her mother told her of her own 12-year struggle to conceive 'Miracle' LeAnn.

The subject of LeAnn's fertility was brought up by her mother, Belinda, who told the singer she was ready for a granddaughter.

'It would be fun to have a little girl, but I do not know if I am quite ready to do that yet,' said LeAnn.

'What if I have to go on stage and Eddie is not there because he is working?', the singer asked.

LeAnn then addressed her relationship with her mother.

'Over the years our relationship has been evolving. We definitely butted heads for a very long time and I know she kinda felt she lost me at a certain age to the rest of the world,' she said.

'I started touring when I was 13 and I was never home to have a real family life and I know she wants that for me,' LeAnn said.

LeAnn's mother reminded her that she was now 31 and that she herself took 12 years of trying to conceive her daughter.

'I had a lot of issues and the doctors told me I would never have a child,' her mother confided.

'You were a miracle, they don't know how I got pregnant,' she told her famous daughter.

After the conversation LeAnn admitted she needed to know if she would have the same hereditary fertility issues.

'I knew my mom had difficulty having me, but I never really knew how difficult it was. Eddie and I have talked about waiting a little bit longer before we try to have kids,' she said.

'It had never popped into my head that maybe I will have the same trouble she did,' she admitted.

LeAnn later discussed the situation with Eddie and the singer admitted she was 'freaked out' about possible fertility issues.

He urged her to get tested.

During a visit to a specialist Rimes had bloodwork done, a genetic screening and an ultrasound.

'Given my mom's history, it does make you wonder if I waited too long,' admitted Rimes.

'If I find out that I can't have kids that will be really tough,' she said.

While she waited for the results to come back Rimes took her mind off things by taking a hip-hop dance class, going bowling with Eddie and baking cookies.

After several days on edge she got the results back.

'She told me that my [fertility] levels are on the lower side of normal and that we should not be waiting very much longer. Does that freak you out?' LeAnn asked her husband.

Rimes then told Eddie that she felt she should stop taking birth control, but he seemed to have reservations about the quick timescale.

'Don't be an ass. It truly hurts when you feel like you and your husband are not on the same page for something that is so important,' admitted Rimes.

When Rimes said she could be pregnant in a month, Eddie asked if they were ready for the commitment.

'Yes. I know we were not planning on having a child right now, but I also do not want to miss what possibly could be my only opportunity to have a child naturally,' LeAnn said.

'Who knows how long it will take us to try? If I wait too long I will be more pissed off about not being able to than having it a little too soon,' she said.

In the end Eddie agreed that LeAnn should ditch birth control.

'I mean is there ever a perfect time? I know I do want to have a child with LeAnn and if this is a decision we have to make right now because of her fertility then I say we should just do it,' Eddie told the cameras.

Meanwhile Eddie introduced their dog, Precious, to a dog life coach to deal with suspected depression

'Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound right now? Only in L.A,' said a skeptical Eddie as LeAnn organized sessions with a dog counsellor.

The therapist told Eddie that the pooch looked 'stressed' and put that down to the behavior of the couple's other dogs.

Eddie absorbed the dog lessons and the episode ended with him trying some of the techniques on LeAnn.


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