The Knife are breaking up

The Knife have announced that they will break up following their upcoming tour.

Photography by Ian Pearce

This morning, a post on their site announced that the fall European trek would be "our last tour," but it wasn't clear if that meant their last tour for latest album Shaking the Habitual or last tour in general.

However, in a subsequent interview with Dazed, the group's Karin Dreijer revealed that the Knife are calling it quits for good. "When we finish the tour now in November we will close down, it’s our last tour," she said. "We don’t have any obligations to continue, it should only and always be for fun." (We have also confirmed the break up a representative for the band.)

Dreijer didn't say what will follow the Knife. "When we finish The Knife’s last run in mid-November, I will start thinking about what is to come next!" she said. Her brother, Olaf Dreijer, said he will continue working with Tunisian musician Houwaida Hedfi.

Earlier this year, the Knife released Shaken-Up Versions, a collection of remixes taken from their live show. In their post on their site this morning, the Knife offered the following cryptic message:

A handfull elf pee
That’s my soul
Spray it allover
Fill the bowl
Legs astride
An axe to grind
Generous actions with the speed of light
Without you my life would be boring
See you on the dance floor…
/Olof and Karin, The Knife

There are only six shows left, so book your flight to Europe:
10-31 Stockholm, Sweden - Annexet
11-01 Gothenburg, Sweden - Film Studios
11-03 Berlin, Germany - Arena Berlin Treptow
11-05 Manchester, England - Manchester Academy
11-06 London, England - Brixton Academy
11-07-09 Reykjavik, Iceland - Iceland Airwaves


I'm MOURNING. Tell me about your favorite The Knife songs.