One Direction Bring Three Year Old Boy on Stage and It's Beyond Adorable

We thought wearing a wedding dress to a One Direction concert to get the guys' attention was brilliant (well, it did end in a proposal from Harry Styles)...turns out, bringing a kid works pretty well too. Someone brought their three year old to 1D's Nashville show and guess what? It totally caught their eye and Harry brought the little boy up on stage.

We can't believe we're jealous of a three year old, but check out what happened. This little guy was spied in the audience with a sign that said "I'm here for my 3rd birthday!" and the guys were so taken by the adorable little Directioner, they had to have him on stage.

Harry held little Eric in his arms, having a chat and saying, "I like you Eric, I've decided you're a good dude." That was followed by some guy talk about tattoos and girlfriends. Sigh. And now you have a glimpse at Harry as a dad. Heart melting, isn't it?