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Jessica Alba has been doing tons of promo, plus living her life, and to avoid making twelve posts a day, I've gathered them all here for you, ONTD.

Table of contents

  • Jessica throws her first pitch at a Dodgers game

  • On Watch What Happens Live with Demi Lovato (photos + article on Demi mentioning Selena Gomez and Joe Jonas)

  • Interview on Latin television

  • On Good Morning, America

  • Maxim Magazine cover shoot

  • Jessica VS. Whitney Cummings in a game of charades on Live With Kelly & Michael

  • Candids

Jessica Alba shows off her sports skills while throwing out the ceremonial first pitch before the game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Los Angeles Dodgers held at Dodger Stadium on Sunday (August 17) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old actress gave a high five to Scott Van Slyke, Dodgers outfielder, after throwing the pitch.

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Demi Lovato seem to be Selena Gomez on the outs—for now, anyway.

The "Really Don't Care" singer appeared alongside Sin City: A Dame to Kill For star Jessica Alba on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live Thursday. While there, Lovato, 21, agreed to play a round of "Plead the Fifth." Host Andy Cohen reminded the pop star that she could only skip one of the three questions.

Cohen's first question: "Shag, Marry, Kill: Joe Jonas, Justin Bieber, Simon Cowell."

"I'd kill Bieber. I'd kill Simon. F--k, I'd kill Joe, too!" Lovato said. "No, Joe and I are good friends, so I wouldn't kill him. I'd keep him around." Alba asked, "Who would you shag?" Lovato replied, "None."

The next question was hard to answer. "Not including your own behavior, what is the most scandalous thing you ever saw a Disney Channel star do?" Cohen asked. "And you don't have to name a name."

"I can't answer that!" Lovato said. "I plead the fifth."

Perhaps she should have saved that option. For Cohen's third and final question, he asked, "You recently unfollowed your BFF Selena Gomez on Twitter. So much speculation about this! Can you tell us why?"

"Um, I plead the sixth, if that's in the game," Lovato said. Cohen continued to probe the Camp Rock 2 star, asking, "Are people reading too much into it? Are they reading into something that doesn't exist?"

"I think it's just one of those things where people change and people grow apart," Lovato answered.

(0:23) On her career as an actress: "Yeah, I mean, I, for sure, don't work for the paycheck anymore. And I don't do it for the stability that I used to do it for. Now, it's really just about the love of it."
(1:21) On being a mom while working on a film: "I struggle with it all the time. I mean, I missed my kids all day today. And, you know, Honor came in my room last night and we cuddled. [...] You know, I can't wait to bathe them and read stories to them tonight, so. You've just gotta steal those moments when you can."
(2:05) On the Honest Company: "It's been nice to be able to deliver on something that I believe so much in."

Jessica explains why she got a choreographer for this movie, unlike for the same role in this last Sin City; “I’m not that comfortable — I’m not a dancer. And I’m not that comfortable on a stage, so I wanted to work with someone to help me fake it.”

She also digs into how comfortable she feels with herself now, in contrast to back when she first played Nancy, "I just have so much that's so important to me that I love, and it allows me, when I'm working - when I'm acting, to really be free and take risks and go to the next level."

On how it's different from the first time she was on the cover of Maxim: "I was, I think, 19 years old? And I remember, I didn't know how to pose, I was so insecure, I had no idea what I was doing."
On since her last shoot with Maxim: "Well, since my last Maxim cover shoot, I'm very different; I'm now in my 30s, I have two kids, I have a company, and I feel very confident and happy, and really content with where my life is now."
On her character in the Sin City sequel: "Nancy's a pretty dope character, and in the first one, she was really bright-eyed and kind of a victim. And in this one, it picks her up and she's... a hot mess. [...] If there's a Sin City 3, I would be down to play Nancy again. For sure."
On being a business owner: "I never knew I would speak at so many business and technology conferences in my life. [laughs] Um... there's a lot of dudes there, we've gotta get more women in technology!"
On what she likes in a man: "I like a man who is driven and confident. I like someone who appreciates good food. I like someone who doesn't always have to win every fight, and I like a man who is chivalrous. Boys, good manners go a long way."

Jessica Alba at LAX (August 14)

Leaving Trump Soho Hotel (August 14)

Leaving her hotel for 106 & Park (August 13)

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