Bonnie Burton (bonniegrrl) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Bonnie Burton

Dane Cook: Fett Lives

Even though comedian and actor Dane Cook may be enjoying the spotlight as one of the hottest and hardest-working entertainers today, he still can't help but wish he was a mysterious bounty hunter equipped with a jetpack.

"Boba Fett was always my favorite," Cook says. "The whole mystery of Boba made him so appealing. He's just so cool. You wanted to be in that outfit and have all those gadgets with the jetpack. After Return of the Jedi there was a long time where I would not admit he was dead. In my mind, when he went into the Sarlacc pit he fixed his jetpack and flew out 10 minutes later and we just didn't see it. It was like having to admit Santa didn't exist."

Fett isn't the only character that fascinates Cook. "I've always identified most with Han Solo," Cook says. "As a kid, I had the blaster with the buttons on the side that made the sound effects and all that. I would get home from school and put on my brother's vest and my blaster belt. For a long time when I was really young, I thought I was Han Solo. I would sit around and wonder what Han Solo was doing that day and if he was doing a Kessel Run at that moment. I really believed these characters did exist somewhere in the galaxy."

Read more in my interview with Dane on his thoughts about the unaltered original trilogy, how he wooed Jessica Alba with Star Wars trivia in his next movie, and why Obi-Wan is actually a funny guy in:
Dane Cook: Fett Lives.
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