Big Bang Press: After Kickstarter success the first book comes out in November

Follow-up to this post.


After a few months of work and a successful Kickstarter campaign, it’s time for Big Bang Press to announce the release date of OUR FIRST BOOK!

Written by Erin Claiborne (AKA fanfic author eleveninches), A Hero at the End of the World is a Young Adult fantasy satire of “Chosen One” narratives like Buffy, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.

"Seventeen-year-old Ewan Mao has spent his whole life preparing for his destiny: defeating the evil tyrant who’s been terrorizing Britain for as long as he can remember. But Ewan never dreamed that when the time came, his best friend Oliver Abrams would fulfill the prophecy instead.

Five years later, Ewan is living at home and working in a coffee shop while Oliver is a national hero, working at the Serious Magical Crimes Agency. But the two friends are unwillingly reunited when a strange magical cult targets Ewan in a plot to end the world as we know it.”

This book will be published on November 11, 2014, and will soon be available for pre-order in both paperback and ebook format!

The art in this post is by Jade Liebes (hydrae), who illustrated A Hero at the End of the World. We’ll be posting the full cover art and some sample illustrations soon, along with a sample chapter from the book!

Last December, BBP used Kickstarter to crowdfund three original novels by talented authors from the fanfic community. The Kickstarter was a huge success and was covered by all sorts of media outlets including io9, Wired, HelloGiggles, and Hypable. You can find out more on our website, including info about our next two books, written by Kady Morrison (gyzym) and Natalie Wilkinson (febricant).

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