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Couple's 'Frozen'-Themed Marriage Proposal an Act of True Love

She said yes — to a Frozen-themed marriage proposal.

The Disney movie warmed the hearts of Denver natives Brian Davis and Michelle Seguin, a couple who met in college and quickly fell in love with Frozen, as they did with each other.

So when the time came for Davis to pop the question to his girlfriend, it only made sense for him to reenact a scene from Frozen. UK-based photo agency Medavia, which owns the images below told Mashable that, unsurprisingly, the fairy-tale proposal, which took place in May, required an extensive amount of work to prepare.

First, Davis located a castle in Denver, Colorado, settling on Castle Marne Inn. He rented a horse and ordered custom-made, tailored costumes that replicated outfits from the film: Anna's coronation dress and Hans' prince outfit.

The biggest challenge, Davis told Medavia, was convincing Seguin to show up in the dress to the mansion, without totally blowing his cover. His cover-up was a celebratory dinner for their fourth anniversary.

"I can honestly say that I had no idea the proposal was coming but Brian has always been one to do crazy and romantic things," said Seguin.

The two made it official in May after Davis hopped off his horse and got on one knee.

May their marriage be as fruitful and pervasive as the viral covers that have come of this film.

Hopefully Davis is nothing like the real Hans.


I don't care, what they're going to say....
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