Food Network drama: Giada really hated losing to Rachael Ray!

Food Network glamour queen Giada De Laurentiis is a successful cookbook author, frequent "Today" show contributor and now Las Vegas restaurateur.

But one thing she is not: A good loser.

In a new interview with Hamptons magazine, De Laurentiis (interviewed by Iron Chef/The Chew host Michael Symon) says one of her biggest regrets is being part of an Iron Chef battle with Bobby Flay and LOSING to Rachael Ray and Mario Batali.

"I do have one regret. You can't guess? Doing Iron Chef with Bobby Flay against Mario Batali and Rachael Ray."

Michael Symon: Which obviously is a regret because...

Giada DeLaurentiis: I lost! Everybody, including my husband and my agent, said, "Do not do that show. The odds are against you." I knew whom I was going up against, and Bobby convinced me that we would win. And I don't know how the hell I thought that, and it's a regret because people still bring it up! It's been eight years and people still ask, "How did it feel to lose to Rachael Ray?"

MS: It's good to see that after eight years you've let it go and it doesn't bother you anymore.

GD: It will bother me until the day I die and Bobby knows that. He thinks I'm ridiculous, but it is what it is. I'm a fighter, and I like to win; I'm not a good loser.

In 2006, Giada De Laurentiis and her team-mate Iron Chef Bobby Flay laugh as the judges critique their dishes.(Photo: Suchat Pederson)

Well, it just so happens I was at that New York battle in 2006 along with News Journal photographer Suchat Pederson. And, I must say, when we chatted with De Laurentiis, she did indeed seem to be really bummed (and exhausted) after the smoke had cleared.

neither could stand up next to the semi-homemade queen/First Lady of New York though