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Big Sean And Ariana Grande Latte Dating And It's Naya Rivera’s ‘Worst Nightmare’


Ariana Grande and Big Sean are reportedly doing more than just making hit songs together now! has learned that their possible new romance is driving Sean’s ex-fiance Naya Rivera crazy!

Naya Rivera, 27, just married Ryan Dorsey, 30, in a surprise ceremony on July 19, but a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that the Glee stunner was super hurt by the report that Ariana Grande, 21, and Big Sean, 26, are hooking up — and the reason why will shock you!

Naya looked picture perfect on Aug. 12 when she and her new husband Ryan enjoyed a night out at the Justin Timberlake concert in Los Angeles, Calif. But we’ve learned that Naya’s camera-ready smile was hiding serious anguish!

“Naya was trying to keep it together and have fun at the concert but she was really upset because of the news about Sean and Ariana. She kept bringing it up,”a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“It’s her worst nightmare because she was always sure that Sean was cheating on her with Ariana, they fought about that a lot.” Wow! During Naya and Sean’s relationship, Naya thought her man was cheating on her with Ari.

“Sean would tell her she was crazy and jealous, he swore to her that Ariana was just a friend, he even said she was like a little sister. Naya feels like this is proof that she was right all along and Sean was hooking up with Ariana. She doesn’t want him back, but it’s still a huge wound and she’s hurt and she’s angry.”

Ariana and Big Sean were reportedly seen kissing during a date recently. We sure hope Big Sean and Ariana weren’t going behind Naya’s back!

Ariana and Big Sean caught horror flick The Purge at The Grove in Los Angeles on Aug. 3, according to E! Online. reported on their date at the time, but a source close to Ariana insisted that the two are simply super close friends.

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