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Sweet Christmas! Terry Crews Still Wants to Play Luke Cage


Terry Crews has made no secret of the fact that he’d like to play Luke Cage onscreen, and while we were recently talking Expendables 3 with the man-mountain, the subject of the superhero inevitably came up.

“I would love to do Luke Cage,” Crews reiterated. “I heard they finally green-lit that whole thing and I would love to do something like that.”

And it seems Crews loves the whole genre, with the star struggling to pick a favourite. “I have so many,” he explained. “I have to go back to Luke Cage just because he was our Superman. There were no African-American superheroes out there. He was the first. He was the man. He was the one. The only example we could look at.

“I remember then seeing Falcon and a couple of others. Even in the D.C. Universe there was Cyborg. But Luke Cage was the original one where you said ‘This is me. This is my guy. This is the character.’ So he’s the equivalent to Superman for me. But I have plenty. Second to Luke Cage would probably be The Hulk. The Hulk was amazing [and strongest one there is].”

Marvel is currently collaborating with Netflix on a Luke Cage TV series, and we think Crews would be a perfect fit, but what do you guys reckon?

Interview at the source

He would have been great fifteen years ago, imo, but not now. Who would you pick, ONTD?

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