The Cast of 'Aladdin' on Broadway Pay Tribute to Robin Williams in an Epic Way

This is the Greatest Robin Williams Tribute You Will Ever See, Bar None

If this beautiful, moving display of Robin Williams love and family support doesn't get you right in the solar plexus, hope isn't necessarily lost, but it sure is waning quickly. You should do something about that, because this is the epitome of moving, friends.

"Aladdin" on Broadway recently enacted their own tribute to the late Williams, in a style that he would probably much appreciate: a mass stage and audience singalong to one of the most popular songs in the animated movie, "Friend Like Me."

It's OK, guys. Those tears? Let them out. This is beautiful, and something about this tribute seems so lovely and right amidst all this heartbreaking wrong.

this is freaking epic! whoever had the idea i salute you.