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Panic! at the Disco vs. The Dresden Dolls

Watch this if you want to see P!ATD die! (And hear incredible music.) The Dresden Dolls are one of the best bands out there. Their songs are never just "OMGZMYBFBROKEUPWITHMEIHATELIFE" or "SHAKETHATAZZBITCH." Their songs tell stories. And require talent!

While on tour together this summer, The Dresden Dolls teamed up with headliners Panic! At The Disco to film a video for The Dolls newest single, "Backstabber."


Midway through the tour, DD's Amanda Palmer had a revelation, "Why not make a video with these guys? They're here, they're bored like we are, they're hilarious." She shared in her online blog. "We aren't making a 'real' video for our next single,' She proclaimed. "'What's more real than this?' We keep asking. Nothing."

"It..s not something that..s going to be an official release to go to MTV, it..s just that we were on tour with them and they came up with this idea to kind of do a funny thing." Panic! At The Disco..s drummer, Spencer Smith, recently told online publication, Undercover. "It was just something that we were having fun doing at the time while being on tour and just something I guess for the fans of either of our bands to kinda see. It..s just a fun bonus thing."
"People are just arrogant and ignorant." Panic! frontman Brendon Urie told midway into the tour regarding inspiration for the video. "We're actually going to make a movie with the Dresden Dolls about that one thing [the fans fighting] to kind of poke fun at our fans for not being nice to each other."

Call it what you will -- the tour is over, the smoke has cleared, the video is done, and it's time for you to see...
The Dresden Dolls vs. Panic! At the Disco! Click HERE to see it!

Bill H.

*Be patient if it doesn't play right away as it was just uploaded and is getting a lot of hits so it may take a coupla tries to work"

And the Sing video: (not new, but just so you can see more of the Dresden Dolls.)

Dresden Dolls are awesome. Please don't throw water bottles at them. :)

SOURCE: Myspace Bulliten and YouTube

EDIT: I added the Sing video under the cut so people can see what they are like when they are not being attacked with water bottles or plotting to kill Panic!

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