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Utopia Season 2 Finale: What you might have missed

Anyone hoping for a neatly wrapped-up finale are going to be disappointed.

We were so close to getting what passes for a happy ending in Utopia’s books. Grant had a stable home life again, Jessica’s family had been reunited, Dugdale punched Geoff and the world was saved.

If only it wasn’t for that pesky Wilson Wilson.

It’s clear by the end of episode six that series two of Utopia has been about two things: Family (both biological and constructed), and turning Wilson into a big old fanatical bad guy. We’ve seen Wilson purge his old self across the series, literally puking out the old Wilson to make way for the new one. Episodes five and six teased the possibility of Wilson coming good and rejoining the Utopia gang, before making it very clear that there is no coming back from the things he’s done.

So instead we left Wilson killing Lee (the last reminder of his old ‘weaknesses’), and physically remodelling himself into the figure that has been looming over him all series: Mr Rabbit. Adeel Akhbar has been brilliant throughout – the face of evil has never been so damn nice.

Conspiracies and Observations

The episode left things wide open for a third series (if the viewing figures allow for one – fingers crossed), so what might be on the horizon for our heroes and anti-heroes?

Who were the armed men who captured the Utopia gang?

Is this Wilson’s Network, sent to round them up before they can stop plan B? Or might it be the group that Christos belonged to, finally coming back into play? A group so desperate to stop the Network that they caused a nuclear meltdown. They would make for an interesting addition to series three, although it would rather beg the question of where they’ve been for the last two series’.

Is Dugdale the new Geoff?

Is the Network planning on positioning Dugdale as an MP to take Geoff’s place in the conspiracy? Poor Dugdale. He was so close to getting out.

Did Pietre get left behind?

The armed men didn’t seem to capture Pietre, who was last seen waking up (newly shaven) in hospital. Will he be back on his ‘where is Jessica Hyde?’ mission come series three?

Series two has contrasted Pietre’s rise into humanity with Wilson’s gradual shrinking from it. Somehow, the murderous oddball became the show’s most sympathetic character.

Is red the new yellow?

At the start of the series, the only red/burnt orange shades were in Wilson’s eye patch. But just look at this finale. Look at all those reds in Wilson’s office when he’s talking to Dugdale, with just the merest smidge of yellow on the wall. Look at Leah’s red suit. Look at Wilson literally blowing away the last scraps of yellow when he shoots Lee. Yep – there’s a new dog in town. Wilson’s taking over.

Best line

‘It’s going around.’ Terrance makes a cheeky reference to flu. Laugh a minute, that guy.

Brand new Utopia series 2 deleted scenes

Squeezing an ambitious story of global conspiracies, shady organisations and a rag-tag gang of psychopaths, virologists and IT consultants attempting to save the world, into just six weekly episodes is no mean feat. Understandably, not everything in the script can make it to the final cut.

“While it is almost always inevitable that some scenes will end up in the cutting room floor, to say these were painful to lose, is a huge understatement,” Utopia Executive Producer Karen Wilson told us. Luckily these days, said scenes can now be swept up, dusted off and shared online, as we've done with the two moments below, which were originally intended to be part of Utopia's recently concluded second series.

The first scene features Lee (Paul Ready) paying a menacing home visit to Geoff (Alistair Petrie) and would have formed part of episode five. "The Lee and Geoff scene we even held back, in the hope that it would fit in a later episode (!)" Karen Wilson said, "but Dennis's scripts, being as tight as they are, didn't give us the space to do this."

Surely Geoff realises that Lee popping round yours to measure you is never a good sign…

This second scene would have fitted in to episode three, and features Geoff attempting to persuade reluctant US fat cat Niall Maddox to sign up for V-Day. "The Niall Maddox 'strand' was the victim of being in a particularly over length episode, and we had to make a tough choice," Wilson tells us.


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