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Michael Cera Released an Album


The strangest things happen on Twitter. On Tuesday night, actor Jonah Hill tweeted a link to True That, the debut album from none other than Michael Cera. Yep, that Michael Cera.

“Not only is a brilliant actor, he also makes great music,” Hill gushed about his Superbad & This Is The End costar.

The songs on the lo-fi bedroom-pop record are relatively abstract and almost entirely instrumental, with one exception being the track “Ruth,” which features quaint lyrics in a quirky kind of Jack White romanticism. “In my nine dollar room, there was nothing on TV / She asked if she could use my toothbrush, “It don’t bother me” / “I thank you for the company” she most solemnly said / When I woke the next morning, she had fallen from the bed”.

Michael has an odd relationship with the indie music world. He’s been seen in a few Islands videos, played bass on tour for Nicholas Thorburn’s side project Mister Heavenly and assisted on guitar and backing vocals on Weezer’s Hurley. But this is the first time he’s embarked on what appears to be his own.

The Bandcamp page for the record doesn’t provide much info besides a short bio: “Michael Cera was born in Canada in 1988 at the tender age of zero.” It’s curious that a direct contact link for Cera appears as well on the page, so you can let him know what you think of the songs directly.

Listen here
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