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Top 5 Guardians Who Should Join the Team in "GotG 2"

Two weeks ago, The Guardians of the Galaxy were pretty much the most obscure superhero group this side of The Green Team. One hit movie later, the team of misfits -- Star-Lord/Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon and, of course, Groot -- are already household names.

With director James Gunn on board for the sequel, scheduled for 2017, and The Powers That Be promising new recruits from Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning's critically acclaimed 2008 reboot of the comic title on which the movieverse cast is based, we journalists at this professional news site decided to make our own wishlist of the characters we'd most like to see. You betta read on!

5. MAJOR VICTORY (Vance Astro)


Major Victory has a very confusing backstory. He's a time-traveler from an alternate past who got slingshotted to the year 3000, back again, went on a quest for Captain America's legendary shield, got stuck in suspended animation, and then ended up in OUR universe with the Guardians of the Galaxy, basically. Whatever, no one bothers to learn all that crap about him. Major Victory has a funny name, a noble bearing, a cool containment bodysuit, and gives everyone an opportunity to see Cap's shield flung at evildoers in space. What more do you need to know?



Despite her depressing tendencies to swoon, die, and be drawn in bathing suits with thigh-high boots, skilled telepath Moondragon (aka Heather Douglas) is an important Guardian and far more interesting than her father (???!), Drax. The movies would probably sever that connection, and nothing of value would be lost tbh. She also rocks the bald, is a canon bisexual, and OTP with Phyla-Vell (see below). Plus one time she turned into a FUCKING ACTUAL DRAGON, FUCK YEA!



Known by many names, Phyla-Vell, daughter of Mar-Vell (aka the first, bepenis'd Captain Marvel) is one of the founding members of the GotG and a true superhero, with energy blasts and magic swords and everything. She's also known to be kind of a flop at all the new identities she tries out, which is actually endearing. Besides being in a f/f relationship with Moondragon that's the torrentially melodramatic quintessence of comics, she has a great character design and an idealistic, if sometimes impulsive, hero's personality. Gunn can change the Mar-Vell connection if it's too complicated rights-wise. Basically, if Phyla isn't in the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, something is fucking rotten in the state of Marvel.



YAAAAS MANTIS. She's another one with a complicated backstory rooted in the 70's where it should stay, forever forgotten. Basically, Mantis is a telepath (the GotG have a lot) who has premonitions, mind-blasts, ace martial arts skills, and a stylin' grass skirt. She's one of the most compellingly and entertainingly written characters in the Abnett and Lanning series, and her working relationship with Star-Lord is subtle, sweet, and genuine. Oh, and she was an Avenger once! They can paint her a different color if the green interferes. Mantis better be in the sequel goddamn it, I love her



If you've seen "Guardians of the Galaxy," you've already seen Cosmo. He's the qt dog in the spacesuit who cameos a few times in the Collector's/Benicio del Toro's place, notably at the end with Howard the Duck. The reason Cosmo has shown up already is because he is UNIVERSALLY FUCKING BELOVED by readers and the best character in the GotG comics. He's a Russian space dog who got mutated by cosmic rays, became a powerful telepath and telekinetic (yes I know, shh), and fell through a wormhole or something to end up the chief of security of Knowhere, the Guardians' home base. He communicates telepathically with an adorable Russian accent and loves everyone because he's a dog. But he also takes no guff when it comes to troublemakers!

Cosmo has been a Guardian of the Galaxy with the best of them, and, when brought to the big screen as a proper team member, will probably become a bigger fan fave than Rocket. Than GROOT, even. You heard me right. It's time to unleash (hehe) Cosmo on the world.

Source: Graphic novels purchased with legal tender

And none for Adam Warlock bye!
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