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There’s going to be a Judd Apatow-produced Lonely Island movie

Keep an open mind regarding any plot details for the upcoming Lonely Island movie, to be produced by Judd Apatow and released by Universal – they don’t want anyone to know what they are. Given that “Everything Is Awesome” for the three men who make up The Lonely Island – Akiva Schaffer, Andy Samberg and Jorma Taccone – they’re probably taking turns telling each other “YOLO” and that they’re “… On A Boat” even if they’re just having a “Lazy Sunday” – though Sandberg is probably super busy, what with Brooklyn Nine-Nine and his Golden Globe win from last year. What I’m saying is the Lonely Island movie could go in any direction and probably will.

Deadline has more: Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone will star in and produce the film set in the world of music which Judd Apatow will produce for his Judd Apatow Productions banner. Earlier this year the Lonely Island co-wrote and performed on the hit single “Everything is Awesome” from Warner Bros.’ The LEGO Movie, which charted in multiple international territories and was heard during numerous geek-centric dance parties last week at Comic-Con.

Helming duties will be split between Taccone and Schaffer.The two previously directed the popular Saturday Night Live Digital Shorts that shot The Lonely Island to comedy stardom, including the viral Lazy Sunday video and the Emmy-winning D**k In A Box. Schaffer solo-directed the group’s first film Hot Rod and directed Fox’s 2012 sci-fi comedy The Watch. Taccone made his feature directing debut on another Universal comedy, 2010′s SNL sketch spin-off feature MacGruber and has since directed episodes of Parks and Recreation and Samberg starrer Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

A musical comedy group since 2001, The Lonely Island have released three albums and 20 singles; their first monster hit was “Lazy Sunday”, the gangsta rap about cupcakes and the Chronicles of Narnia which worked so well because Chris Parnell can really rap. It is entirely likely that the Lonely Island movie will also take you to a dreamworld of magic.

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