floating_points (Dominic A. Martin) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Dominic A. Martin

Steve Angello Debuts Official Music Video For Wasted Love

Several weeks ago, Steve Angello dropped his new song Wasted Love, which the lead single from his upcoming album, Wild Youth. It wasn’t exactly what we were used to hearing from the former Swedish House Mafia member, but it was still an exciting track and definitely had us eager to hear more of his solo work.

While there’s still a bit of a wait until his releases (Q4 2014), we now have a bit more to tide us over, as Angello has premiered the official music video for Wasted Love. It’s a well-directed and appropriately cinematic visual companion that should go over well with fans of the song.

Tags: european celebrities, music / musician (electronic), music / musician (pop), music / musician (producers), music video, new music post

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