Teen Wolf Post!!!


Here we are sitting at episode 8 of “Teen Wolf” season 4, and even though there is not that many more hours to go in this season, we’re still staring in the face of one major question: Who in the world is the Benefactor? (its Parrish lbr)

In the sneak peek below, both Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and Argent (JR Bourne) are going to do everything in their power to try and figure it out using some subtle manipulation and also defiance. Unfortunately for them, they are dealing with someone here who is reasonably stuck in their ways. We cannot see the Benefactor bending to the will of anyone, and merely just wants to continue crossing names off of the deadpool. (If only they were talking about the Marvel character…)

As of right now, though, this preview does not offer up a whole lot in the way of information about what is coming up in terms of solving the mystery. Peter is an obvious suspect (a little too obvious of one) to be the character, and there of course many other possibilities out there. We would be shocked if it is a completely new face in the mix, and we personally feel like it’d be so much more interesting if it is someone we’re already incredibly familiar. With all of this being said, you can probably cross off the people in this video from the list. They are working a little too hard at figuring it out.

Who do you think is the man or woman behind the computer right now?

Source: cartermatt.com

Who be da benefactor yall?