James Blunt's advice to wannabe singers: 'I sing songs I hate, just think about the money'

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HIS SONG You're Beautiful has become one of the most famous songs in the world, but it turns out James Blunt might be more about the money than the music.

The singer told a wannabe girl group on X Factor Australia that he hasn't been a fan of a lot of the songs he has sung.

Taking on the role of guest judge on Team Dannii Minogure, the 40-year-old star revealed that he just tends to think abut the money and then gets on with it.

As he listened to girl group Paris Inc perform Ke$ha's Your Love Is My Drug in a bid to make it into the show's top 24, he noted that they didn't look like they were enjoying themselves much.

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At which point, he joked to Dannii: "I sing songs I hate every night, I still learn to love them, I just think about the money and it makes me smile."

Earlier in the show he stressed that he's not after the best vocalist, but rather "someone who sheds their skin in their performance...and you can see their soul."

Elsewhere, John Legend helped Team Ronan Keating, and Nicole Sherzinger joined Team Redfoo as the judges attempt to forge themselves a Top 3.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Cheryl Cole threatened to 'slap' Simon Cowell during the X Factor UK auditions after he kept annoying her as she tried to talk.

According to the Daily Star, the pair were at loggerheads throughout the entire show, which was staged at Wembley Stadium, with Cheryl even telling the audience how annoying he was being.

At on point she shouted: "I am gonna give him a slap. Shut your cake hole… I swear there is going to be hell if you do that one time."

She added: "He doesn't stop whispering in my ear when I talk."

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