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[Austalian] Big Brother's David seeks Nationals job
Friday Oct 6 10:43 AEST

Former Big Brother housemate and gay icon David Graham has set his sights on a political career with the Nationals.

The sheep farmer and former model has nominated for the role of state secretary of the Queensland Young Nationals in a ballot due to be held in the next month.

Speaking on Thursday from his property at Moonie in Queensland's south west, Mr Graham said the move was part of his long term ambition to enter state or federal parliament.

He hoped his experiences on this year's Big Brother reality television show would prepare him for political life.

"I went on Big Brother and for 24-hours a day for 100 days I was filmed, I have no secrets, everyone has seen me," he said.

"There is not a lot of politicians who can walk into a preselection and say, 'well the electorate already knows who I am.'"

Mr Graham, who made headlines when he revealed his sexuality on the Ten Network program, is a passionate supporter of the legalisation of gay civil unions - a stance that puts him at odds with his colleagues in Queensland's Young Nationals.

In May this year, the state council strongly opposed Mr Graham's motion the party declare its support for gay unions.

However, the West Australian Young Nationals approved a similar pledge and will present a resolution to put homosexuals living in a civil union the same rights as heterosexual couples at next week's national conference.

For his part, Mr Graham, a party member for more than 11 years, believes his stance will not block his bid to become state secretary.

"That's just one thing I stand for, I've got very strong views on ethanol and biodiesel and more police and more hospitals," he said.

"It's just one facet of what I stand for in the party so I don't think it's going to have a major bearing on it. If it does that's very sad but that's society."

Queensland Young Nationals state president Damien Tessman said he would be happy to work alongside Mr Graham but admitted some party members wouldn't support his views on same-sex couples.

"Some people have got their backs up as you could imagine, we are a conservative party and it's not going to be turned on its head overnight, but there are people there who support him as well," he said.

He said the party's stance was based on its desire to protect and maintain family units.

"We are a party that believes in the maintenance of the family unit and I don't think that is a 1950's attitude, I think a lot of mainstream Australians agree with that."

But Mr Graham argues his stance is also pro-family.

"The best outcome for Australia is to encourage stable same sex, monogamous relationships. Homosexual relationships should be put up there as an equal to heterosexual relationships."

[ninemsn entertainment news]

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