Bollywood blind item

In the good ol’ days of film magazine journalism, you could always rely on an actress’ hairdresser and make-up man to dish out the real dirt on her, before ‘press-release journalism’ became the way. The Hindi film heroine’s staff is still possibly the most reliable source for information related to the diva. And one top actress’ team has reportedly been high-fiving one another lately over having figured out her dirty little secret. The boyfriend she’s been dangling around is very likely just a cover for the married actor she’s been having a fling with over the last several months.

The reason few people caught on until now is that the male actor himself has been involved in a controversy that was the focus of all attention; allowing both him and his part-time squeeze to fly below the radar with their own shenanigans.


Popular guesses: Anushka Sharma (bf: Virat) and Aamir Khan, costars in the upcoming film PK (controversy: PK nude poster, but it's very recent) / Katrina Kaif (bf: Ranbir Kapoor) and Hrithik Roshan, costars in upcoming Bang Bang (controversy: Hrithik's messy separation)
Who do you think it is??