Lonely Island Teams With Judd Apatow For Music World Set Feature Film

I can see the trailers and posters now: from the guys who brought you "Jizz In My Pants," "I Just Had Sex," "Jack Sparrow," "Motherlover," "I'm On A Boat" and "Lazy Sunday." And you know what? I'll be the first one in line for whatever they have cooking up.

The Lonely Island — the music/digital short/movie team of Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone — are teaming up with producer Judd Apatow for a musical world set comedy film at Universal. That's about all the plot details there are, but Schaffer and Taccone will co-direct this mystery project, with both guys more than comfortable behind the camera.

It won't be the trio's first time teaming up to make a movie. As cult comedy enthusiasts already know, they delivered the ridiculous "Hot Rod" in 2007, which while certainly not perfect, had more than a few worthwhile moments of hilarity. And since then, they've only refined their comic edge without losing the spirit of surreality and WTF-ness that broke them out in the first place, so yes, this has some definite potential.