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Did Alberto del Rio get fired for slapping a racist?

Details are still sketchy regarding Thursday's firing of Al Rodriguez (Alberto Del Rio) by WWE.

The story going around is that he slapped a a Social Media manager, at this week's television, but there are a variety of different stories going around regarding what led to this.

Based on sketchy stories and what wrestlers have been talking about, at catering, somebody asked the person to clean off his plate. The person joked something along the lines of how that's Del Rio's job. Del Rio found out and confronted him. As the story goes, he didn't apologize and then smiled at him, and Del Rio slapped him.

The belief is he will have a 90 day non-compete, which is likely to apply to TNA and AAA, both of which have interest in him. AAA would certainly be interested in him for the company's U.S. expansion.


Should've broken that guy's arm. Who thinks it's smart to fuck with a trained MMA fighter? Miss his boring ass already ;_;
Tags: race / racism, sports / athletes - wrestling

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