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Queen Marion Cotillard attends the London Premiere of 'Two Days One Night'

Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard says she would insist on going beyond 80 takes on her new film Two Days, One Night. The Inception star joined director brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne for the premiere of the movie at London's Somerset House. Cotillard stars as Sandra, a married mother-of-two with depression, who has just two days to convince her colleagues to give up their annual bonuses for her to be able to keep her job.

The Dardenne brothers insisted on doing multiple takes, of sequences sometimes over ten minutes long, and if a mistake was made at the end Cotillard would have to start from the beginning again. She said: "It was never under forty takes, it was pretty much around forty, fifty takes. They give you an energy, I mean I was never tired, even when we had done like ninety takes, and even sometimes I asked for more."

"They just create this atmosphere of work, and that's where I find my freedom. When I know I'm going to be able to work and explore thoroughly, that's when I feel totally free to give what I have to give."

The French actress, who wore a wearing a fitted black Dior cocktail dress with a jewelled floral embellishment, will next be seen playing Lady Macbeth in Shakespeare's tragedy opposite Michael Fassbender. She said: "It's kind of hard to talk about it. We finished the movie in March and I still feel it was yesterday."

The screening marked the opening of the Film4 Summer Screen season at Somerset House. Two Days, One Night opens in UK cinemas on Friday August 22.

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