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Justin Bieber FaceTimed With Malala Yousafzai

One is an inspirational activist who kept fighting for every girl’s right to an education in Pakistan even after the Taliban tried to assassinate her. The other is an oozing rash on humanity’s ballsack who regularly terrorizes ear drums with his music and picked a fight with the most beautiful lady elf of the Woodland Realm. And because the world has to keep showing us that “fuckery” is alive and well, the two spent a few minutes together on the Internet.

The NYDN says that Justin Bieber’s people set up a FaceTime meeting with Malala Yousafzai, because he could really use some good PR and his first choice, Anne Frank, wasn’t available for a FaceTime session for some reason. The Biebs posted a picture from his and Malala’s FaceTime conversation on Instagram and said that he can’t wait to meet her in person to talk about how he can help her foundation.

As you can tell from the “POSTED JUSTINS NUDES” comment, the Beliebers are really interested in Malala’s story and I’m sure they showed their support for her by tweeting her words like: “U n dat alice fRanklin gurl betta sty uhway frm mi MAN or ill beet uz both!!!!!”

And what’s really surprising is that Malala was able to stare at Justin Bieber’s smug twat of a face for that long and didn’t punch her screen once. Somebody give her deityhood already. Her compassion knows no bounds!


i have no words tbh...malala is too good for this shit.
Tags: i can't, justin bieber, politics

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