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Female Lead Gamora Missing From ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Team Merchandise

In this installment of “Please Take My Money, Disney,” we take a look at Disney/Marvel’s newest film, Guardians Of The Galaxy, which is currently soaring at the box office and has jumped to the top of everyone’s list of favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

When people dig an action-packed, scifi superhero movie like this — one that has a cool, funny hero (Star-Lord); a badass, gorgeous leading lady (Gamora); a wise-cracking, gun-toting raccoon (Rocket); a sensitive muscle man (Drax the Destroyer); and a lovable tree creature (Groot) — as Star Wars creator George Lucas has always banked on, they’re gonna want some merchandise. So, bring out all the merch you got, and people will buy it (if Star Wars isn’t example enough, just ask Gene Simmons from KISS).

But, for some reason, once again, Disney is slighting its non-Princess female characters, as Friend of Doom Amy Radcliffe pointed out this week in her article “A Sad Lack of Gamora,” which notes that while Guardians merch and toys are easily found, one of its characters, Gamora, the female team member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, is not, prompting the creation of the hashtag #wheresgamora.

You might recall back in June, the #wewantleia hashtag emerged when fans petitioned the Disney Store to add Princess Leia-themed toys into their vast array of Star Wars Jedi-themed offerings now that Disney owns Lucasfilm/Star Wars. (Strike 1, Disney)

Now, Disney has dominion over the Marvel franchise, which means they can market the hell out of these Guardians toys and seeing as people of all ages love the film, you’d think they’d maybe want to appeal to women and young girls with a slew of Gamora-themed items. No, not so much? Ok, fine, maybe the company didn’t want to take the risk, especially considering that they seem to have put all their efforts into their Princess line over the past decade. But, why – why why why? – would the company chose to NOT INCLUDE Gamora on items that featured the ENTIRE TEAM?

In her piece, Radcliffe points out that in items like this Guardians of the Galaxy Party Pack, which features the entire team, Gamora is missing on nearly everything. She actually made it onto the napkins, because I guess that’s considered “clean up,” which is fine for women. But you wouldn’t want an icky girl to be on your boy’s party decorations, taking up room on the plates and tablecover, would you? No, no, no, we’ll have known of that.

As you can see from the image above of the Party Pack, Star-Lord’s ship, the Milano (named after a women, by the way), makes it into the table cover, yet an equal member of the Guardians team does not.

And let’s get something straight here, Gamora is not an honorary member of the Guardians of the Galaxy; she’s not a Guardians groupie; she’s not a tagalong like Amy from the A-Team; she’s not in any way a minor character in the film, yet she’s relegated to the napkins or is left off completely on merchandise featuring ALL the other team members (a team, mind you, that includes a raccoon and a tree!). She’s a founding member of the team, she’s an adopted daughter of big Marvel baddie Thanos, AND she’s an assassin! Star-Lord can’t say that, the tree can’t say that! (Don’t get me wrong, I love the tree – Groot – he’s probably my favorite team member, but he’s definitely more sidekick ala Chewbacca than anything else).

It’s times like these I just have to say what the fucking fucks? (Strike 2, Disney.)

What’s even more infuriating to me is that I’m sitting here complaining about not being able to THROW MY MONEY at Disney the way I want to. But this goes to show that there are people at Disney who know how to market and know how to get people to want to buy their products. So, if people demand it, why not supply it?

While Gamora has been dissed on some team-member merch, she does have a few of her own items:

- 6-inch Gamora Figure
- Funko POP Marvel – Gamora Vinyl Bobble-Head Figure

Here’s she’s part of a 2-pack with Star-Lord:

Star-Lord and Gamora Figure

And she’s not good enough for the tablecloth, but perhaps the older boys would like a Gamora cardboard standee for their bedroom:

Gamora Guardians of the Galaxy Cardboard Cutout Standee

And here it is, the one item marketed to little girls… You can see they really put a lot of effort into this one:

Rubies Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora Costume Make-Up Kit

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