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'Oh! Was there a camera behind me?' Bey, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus jump on the 'back selfie' bandwagon

Forget the ‘healthie’ ‘couplie’ and ‘belfie’, the ‘back selfie’ is the last photo-sharing trend sweeping social media.
From Beyonce and Kendall Jenner to Rihanna and Rita Ora, celebrities are jumping on the back bandwagon.

So why is the back selfie catching on? There are various factors at play. Firstly, it's a way to pose topless without falling foul of Instagram’s no boobs policy and also gives subjects the chance to display those incredibly honed backs.

It also appears a little less narcissistic than the usual duck-face selfie - and, crucially, means you don't have to apply make-up or several filters in order to look fit for public viewing.
In the absence of a face, the scenery is often the star, giving you the opportunity to really show off about your incredible surroundings.

While technically not a 'selfie', as - like many 'belfies' - it is not taken by the subject of the photo, the name has caught on as it is a planned picture of oneself that is showcased on your own social media.

Celebrity back selfie aficionado Beyonce recently opted for a poignant shot of her looking thoughtful on a beach facing the setting sun, Rita Ora, Miley Cyrus, Gisele and Rihanna went for the more obvious topless back shot.

Models Kendall Jenner and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley take the opportunity to both show off their incredibly long, lean legs and their sunshine-filled locations, with 18-year-old Kendall captioning her shot 'Just me and my coconut' as she strolls along a perfect stretch of beach.

Kendall shows off both her incredible physique and enviable location in this snap
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley gazes out to sea with a friend as she is 'unknowingly' snapped from behind

Beyonce opted for a poignant shot of her looking thoughtful on a beach facing the setting sun

Rihanna somewhat combines a 'belfie' and a 'back selfie' in this subtle shot

Rita Ora also chose to capture a topless moment as she throws her arms out to greet the LA morning

Gisele Bundchen chose to thank her fans for reaching two million followers on Instagram with a back selfie

On Thursday former Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh posted a back selfie from her holiday in Ibiza, showing off her ultra-slim and toned figure.

With her back to the camera she can be seen jumping into the gorgeous blue water, revealing the tattoo of a butterfly on her lower back and stars on her shoulder in the process.

She captioned the image, which once again gave fans more than a glimpse of her figure: ‘My favourite place #formentera.’

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