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Guy Gerber and Puff Daddy Present 1111 - Teaser

Diddy, or Puff Daddy, or whatever he’s called today, is set to finally release his collaborative album with Guy Gerber, 11:11.

Diddy and Gerber announced that they were making an album a few years back, and you’d be forgiven for thinking it would never arrive. However, Diddy hosted a listening party for 11:11 at the Red Bull Guest House on Saturday night, so it’s safe to presume it’s arriving soon. According to Billboard, Diddy described the album as a product of “demented after hours minds”, and marks a follow-up of sorts to Diddy / Dirty Money’s cult favourite Last Train to Paris.

Incredibly, RBMA report that Diddy wanted to call the album Ketamine. That’s that whole “demented after hours” thing explained then, we guess.

Guy Gerber and Puff Daddy speak directly to Thump about their new album 1111, full album out on August 13th and documentary out on August 18th.

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