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Zayn Malik shaves his stubble and looks just dreamy

Seriously, that face.

We were always a fan of Zayn Malik's stubble, but then the below picture of Zayn in New York came into our lives and reminded us that we're mainly just a massive fan of his face.

And really, why was it ever covered up with hair in the first place? It should be left clean and smooth and free to be pictured in all its full glory. In our opinion.

After treating us to endless beardy selfies, Zayn has shaved off the facial fuzz and toned-down the quiff, going for a generally 'just got out of bed but still looking amazing' look.

The picture, taken at the Met Life Stadium in NYC, marks the first US show on the 'Where We Are' tour, after their brief summer break that included this nearly-naked picture of Liam.

We just have two major questions after seeing his new clean-shaven face, first of which is, what razor did he use? We would give away our last Rolo for our legs to look that smooth.

But secondly, what oh what are you thinking about Zayn? You look so thoughtful.

What do you think of Zayn's new look?

++ Pictures from yesterday's show:

He also posted this selfie on his instagram today:

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