Mario Kart 8 update is coming!

With Mario Kart 8 firmly in the hands of nearly 3 million players across the globe for two months now, Nintendo has announced a huge update for the game that will be hitting later this month. One of the perks of this update is the free Mercedes DLC pack that debuted in Japan through a partnership with Mercedes to advertise the Mercedes GLA.

Aside from this bonus material, the update will also include an optional on-screen map on the TV, which is something gamers have been asking for since before the game released. Other highlights of this update include the standard option for after a race concludes to be on the next race button, rather than view highlights. Here’s a quick changelog:

- Scoreboard area can be selected so you can view your total coins, online record of wins and losses, selection of characters, and so on.
- Online communication and races will have improved stability.
- Other minor fixes to problems.

This update has been scheduled in Europe and Japan for August 27, though no date has been set for North America yet. We’ll keep you updated once Nintendo releases the schedule for North America.

Boom boom baby pick you up in my Mercedes
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