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Sleepy Hollow post : Lyndie Greenwood for Bellus Magazine

Bellus Magazine (BM):  How long have you been acting?
Lyndie Greenwood (LG):  I started exploring the possibility of acting in 2008, and really started to work at it in 2009.

BM:  What has your journey been from the start of acting until now with Sleepy Hollow?
LG:  It certainly has been a journey! I studied science in university, but decided I wanted to do something else. I was studying martial arts at the time, and someone offered me a role in a short Kung Fu film. From that, I realized that I wanted to pursue acting as a career. It quickly became apparent that I needed some lessons, so I started studying with different acting schools, and I still like to study now. Nothing has ever kicked my ass as much as acting, and maybe that’s why I stuck with it. There have been many times I wanted to quit, and now I feel grateful everyday that I didn’t.

BM:  Tell us about your charactor on Sleepy Hollow.
LG:  Jennifer Mills is a strong, smart woman with a big chip on her shoulders. She’s seen a lot in her life, but she’s a survivor. As the show progresses, we get to see more of Jenny, and what she’s all about.

BM:  What is it like working with the other actors on Sleepy Hollow?
LG:  It’s fantastic. We all get along very well – in fact, Katia Winter and I are roommates. We all have different, and distinct, personalities, but they balance out. I learn a lot from the other cast members.

BM:  Are you excited for season 2 and can you tell us anything about it?
LG:  I’m very excited for many reasons, but especially because I can’t wait to explore Jenny more. Also the show is so crazy, I look forward to getting each new script and seeing what the writers have come up with.

BM:  What advice can you give other aspiring artist out there?
LG:  Keep making art. When you try to make a thing you love the thing that makes you money, it can be hard to remember why you love it. Remember to take the business out of it when you can. And have other hobbies so that when it all gets too over (or under)whelming, you can disengage, and remember there is so much more to life.

BM:  What else is next for you?
LG:  At the moment, Sleepy Hollow is keeping me very busy. When I’m not on set, I’m exploring Wilmington, and slowly getting to the rest of North Carolina. I’ll take things as they come, and let you know!

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